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Welcome to the Long Beach Amateur Orchid Society!





Special Announcements

Sad News

Pat Rowland
(The Rowland Collection) passed away on Sunday morning, 8/31/2014

We do not have any information on services.



Our membership fee is $15 and due in January each year.

See our membership secretaries at a meeting to join or renew your membership. We email the newsletter to those who prefer this method.
Please fill out the membership renewal form that contains this email choice.

If paying by check, make it out to: LBAOS

If mailing, mail to:
Tina Wilvers
5232 Premiere Ave, Lakewood, CA 90712
(Temporarily assisting Membership)

If you have any comments or suggestions,
please contact me.

Tina Wilvers
Mail: 5232 Premiere Ave, Lakewood, CA 90712

Oncidium 1st Place:
Onc. hybrid unknown #1
Grown by Chris Hogan

Oncidium 2nd Place:
Onc. hybrid unknown #2
Grown by Carmen Lujan



The Long Beach Amateur Orchid Society (LBAOS) is a non-profit organization formed to promote appreciation of orchids and to provide a source of information, education and support for both novices and experts.

LBAOS members range from dedicated hybridizers and growers with hundreds of orchids to beginners who just want to keep a few plants alive. Knowledge and mistakes are shared with a great sense of humor. It's always nice to know that "the expert" kills a few plants, too!

Our monthly membership meeting is free, and visitors are always welcome! Monthly meetings include expert guest speakers, a plant opportunity table, and a friendly judging of members' orchids for continued growth and knowledge. Orchid culture demonstrations are given by experts and timed to the seasons. Please see our "Meeting Info" for more details.

An exciting plant auction takes place annually. Orchids from our members' gardens, as well as orchids donated from our vendors, are auctioned to the highest bidder. Over the years, some very sought after plants have made their way to the auction tables! We just completed a very successful 2013 auction. Our next auction is scheduled for 03/9/15.

The plant opportunity table each month and the yearly auction are great ways to obtain orchid plants at a very reasonable price.

September President's Message

Summer is slowly coming to an end. Take some of the information from our meetings and work on your plants. There is still time to repot some orchids, especially Laelias, some of the Dendrobiums and Sarcochilus if they need it. Look to see if roots and new growth buds are pushing out and then decide whether to repot. Get your Cymbidiums repotted before the summer ends. We still have plenty of warm weather ahead. Good luck.

Many thanks to our good friend Norito Hasegawa, our speaker in August. Lady Slippers are a wonderful and rewarding group of orchids to grow, and Norito is a world authority on them. I hope you took time to talk to Norito; he is so knowledgeable and ready to share with others. I am happy whenever he comes to speak.

Thanks to those who brought orchids to share with the club. It inspires me to see the quality of plants that come in each month. Best of all, you get to see and ask questions of the people who grew these orchids. What a great way to share knowledge on these remarkable plants. So take time to hear about the different ways our members grow their plants. Ask them. You will be very surprised at how freely our members will share their ideas and techniques.

As usual, I look forward to our next meeting and seeing you all.

Best wishes,
Gary Putnam

Photos from Meetings

Dendrobium Cultural Award:
Den. loddeigesii
Grown by Gen Gundersen

Vandaceous Cultural Award:
Ascf. Cherry Blossom 'Pink Panther'
Grown by Nancy Wask

Misc. Cultural Award:
Lycaste Alan Salzman
Grown by Butch Arciaga

Paphiopedilum Cultural Award:
Paph. (philippinense x Prince Edward of York)
Grown by Gary Putnam

Cattleya Alliance Cultural Award:
Lc. Trick or Treat
Grown by Espie Quinn

Cymbidium Cultural Award
Cym. Sweet Devon
Grown by Butch Arciaga

Photos by Tina Wilvers